CompPhys09: List of Participants

Malte Henkel (Nancy, France): Non-Markovian global persistence in phase-ordering kinetics

Wolfgang Paul (Halle): Trading leads to scale-free self-organization

Nobuyasu Ito (Tokyo, Japan): Simulation study on nonequilibrium transport phenomena

Wolfhard Janke (Leipzig):

Thomas Neuhaus (FZ Jülich): Statistical analysis of quantum adiabatic computations

Oleksii Sliusarenko (Kharkov, Ukraine): Anomalous relaxation phenomena and Kramers problem

Mark Taylor (Hiram, USA): All-or-none protein-like folding of a homopolymer chain

Si Khaled Mehdi (Algiers, Algeria): Thermodynamics of bosons free in box using exact energies

Eugene Petrov (Dresden): Translational diffusion in two-component lipid membranes close to phase transition

Andre Galuschko (Strasbourg, France): MD simulation of polymer brushes

Oliver Melchert (Oldenburg): Critical behavior of bond-diluted negative-weight percolation

Björn Ahrens (Oldenburg): Properties of exact ground states of the random-field Ising magnet around the upper critical dimension

Viktoria Blavatska (Lviv, Ukraine): Polymers in crowded environment under stretching force: globule-coil transitions

Adolfo Poma (MPI Mainz): From an atomistic to a path integral representation of molecules in adaptive simulation (P)

Tânia Tomé de Castro (Sao Paulo, Brazil): Stochastic lattice gas model describing the dynamics of an epidemics

Christophe Chatelain (Nancy, France):

Michael Schreiber (Chemnitz): The modified sharpened index h_ms and other variants in the Hirsch index zoo

Christian von Ferber (Coventry, UK): Eggheads: shapes of embedded networks

Dragi Karevski (Nancy, France): Critical quench dynamics in confined systems

Elmar Bittner (Leipzig): Anisotropy of the interface tension of the three-dimensional Ising model (P)

Daniel Reith (Mainz): Influence of chain stiffness and sequence on knottedness in polymer globules

Lars Heinke (FHI Berlin): Using kinetic Monte Carlo simulations for investigating surface barriers in nanoporous materials

Jean-Charles Walter (Nancy, France): Numerical investigation of the aging of the fully frustrated XY model

Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad (Leipzig): Stability in continuous versus Boolean dynamics (P)

Thiago Mattos (Niterói, Brazil): Effects of spillover and particle size in a kinetic model of catalyzed reactions

Ingrid Ibagon (Belo Horizonte, Brazil): Ab initio study of Fe-porphyrin, Fe-phthalocyanine and carbon nanotubes with FeN4 defects (P)

Leonid Semishev (Volgograd, Russia): Structural synthesis of operational parameters of tribocoupling (P)

Xavier Durang (Nancy, France): Exact results in the one-dimensional coagulation-diffusion process by the empty-interval method

Arnulf Möbius (Dresden): Critical behavior of the Coulomb-glass model in the zero-disorder limit: Ising universality in a system with long-range interactions

Hsiao-Ping Hsu (Mainz): Structure analysis of bottle-brush polymers: simulation and experiment

Michael Bachmann (FZ Jülich): Thermodynamics of tubelike flexible polymers (P)

Jonathan Gross (Leipzig):

Jacek Siódmiak (Bydgoszcz, Poland): The ball-model of an early stage of nucleation of the globular protein crystals with the use of fulleren-like mapping of the surface properties (P)

Christoph Junghans (MPI Mainz): Versatile object-oriented toolkit for coarse-graining applications

Steffen Karalus (Leipzig): Cutting the energy range in multicanonical Monte Carlo simulations (P)

Ferenc Iglói (Budapest, Hungary): Disordered Potts model on the diamond hierarchical lattice

Martin Bock (Bonn):

Steffen Trimper (Halle): Exact solution of the stochastic SIR model

Victor Martin-Mayor (Madrid, Spain): Large-scale equilibrium simulation of the 3D Edwards-Anderson model

Beatriz Seoane Bartolomä (Madrid, Spain): Spin glass on the hypercube

David Yllanes (Madrid, Spain): A cluster Monte Carlo algorithm with a conserved order parameter

Ralph Kenna (Coventry, UK): The site-diluted Ising model in 2 and 4 dimensions (P)

Monika Möddel (Leipzig): Systematic microcanonical analyses of polymer adsorption transitions

Bartlomiej Waclaw (Edinburgh, UK): Tuning the shape of the condensate in spontaneous symmetry breaking

Holger Perlt (Leipzig): Wilson loops at very high order of lattice pertubation theory

Hildegard Meyer-Ortmanns (Bremen):

Áttila Rodrigues (Sao Paulo, Brazil): The stochastic nature of predator–prey cycles (P)

Arwed Schiller (Leipzig): The lattice ghost propagator in Landau gauge up to three loops using numerical stochastic perturbation theory (P)

Zdzislaw Burda (Krakow, Poland): Product of random Gaussian matrices

Rainer Bischof (Leipzig): Phase diagram of a mixed quantum spin chain with bond alternation and exchange anisotropy (P)

Adriaan Schakel (Leipzig): Critical loop gases and the worm algorithm

Mathias Aust (Leipzig):

Sebastian Schöbl (Leipzig):

Alfred Hucht (Duisburg): Nonequilibrium phase transition in an exactly solvable driven Ising model with friction

Meik Hellmund (Leipzig):

Micha Wiedenmann (Leipzig): Evaporation/condensation transition of 3D Ising droplets (P)

Mario Collura (Leipzig):

Ulrich Behn (Leipzig): Nonequilibrium phase transitions in finite arrays of globally coupled Stratonovich models: Strong coupling limit (P)

Hannes Nagel (Leipzig):

Reinhold Haberlandt (Leipzig):

Johannes Zierenberg (Leipzig):

Frank Beyer (Mainz):

Daniel Rings (Leipzig):

Andrea Kramer (Leipzig):

Niklas Fricke (Leipzig):

Harald Markum (TU Wien): On the mass in fundamental theories of physics and its computation and measurement (P)

Andreas Nußbaumer (Leipzig):

Sebastian Sturm (Leipzig):

Jens Glaser (Leipzig):

Siegfried Fritzsche (Leipzig):

Lars Wolff (Leipzig):