CompPhys08: List of Participants

Peter Young: Phase transitions in spin glasses

Wolfhard Janke:

Thomas Neuhaus: Some properties of polymers with tube constraint

Ralph Kenna: Scaling analysis of the site-diluted Ising model in two dimensions

Michael Bachmann: tba

Martin Hasenbusch: Kosterlitz-Thouless transition of thin films in the 3D XY universality class

Jonathan Gro▀:

Oliver Melchert: Scaling behavior of domain walls at the T=0 ferromagnet to spin-glass transition

Stefan Wessel: Optimized broad-histogram ensembles for the simulation of quantum systems

Malte Henkel: Kinetics of a non-glauberian Ising model: exact results

Ferenc Iglˇi: Nonequilibrium critical dynamics of the two-dimensional Ising model quenched from a correlated initial state

Diana Fanghänel: On computing the partition function for the Potts model with many states

Viktoria Blavatska: Random walks on percolation clusters: multifractal effects

Hsiao-Ping Hsu: Structure of bottle-brush polymers in solutions: a Monte Carlo study

Xavier Durang: Ageing in bosonic contact and pair-contact processes with LÚvy flights: exact results

Elmar Bittner: Replica-exchange cluster algorithm

Axel Pelster: Calculation of critical temperature of ^87 Rb Bose-Einstein condensate using high-order effective actions

Christoph Junghans: Comparative atomistic and coarse-grained study of water: simulation details vs. simulation feasibility

David Yllanes: Nonequilibrium spin glass dynamics with Janus

Victor Martin-Mayor: Tethered Monte Carlo: computing the effective potential without critical slowing down

Bj÷rn Ahrens: Exact ground states in 6d random-field Ising magnets

Marcin Zagˇrski: Phase transitions in complex networks

Bartlomiej Waclaw: Localization of maximal entropy random walk

Alexander Hartmann: Ultrametricity and clustering of states in spin glasses: a one-dimensional view

Jean-Charles Walter: Extended scaling in high dimensions

Ulrich Behn:

Michael Schreiber:

Hildegard Meyer-Ortmanns:

Aroon O'Brien: Kagome lattice structures with charge degrees of freedom

Reinhold Haberlandt:

Horst L. Vörtler: MC simulation of fluid phase equilibria in square-well fluids: from bulk to two-dimensional layers

Andreas Nu▀baumer: Free-energy barriers of spin glasses

Micha Wiedenmann:

Zdzislaw Burda: Adaptive networks of trading agents

Meik Hellmund:

Bortolo Matteo Mognetti: Quantitative prediction of the phase diagram of alkanes in polar solvents

Dragi Karevski: Out-of-equilibrium bosons on a one-dimensional optical random lattice

Stefan Schnabel: Crystallization of elastic flexible polymers

Michael Fromm: Strong coupling QCD as a dimer model

Lev Shchur: Numerical estimation of critical amplitudes in the Baxter-Wu model

Sandro Wenzel: Dimerized Heisenberg models

Monika M÷ddel:

Rainer Bischof: Formation of a plateau in the twist order parameter of the bond alternating antiferromagnetic S = 1/2 Heisenberg spin chain

Klaus Kroy:

Andrea Kramer:

Daniel Rings:

Steffen Karalus:

Lars Wolff:

Jens Glaser:

Christian Hubert:

Martin Weigel: Cross-correlations in scaling analyses of phase transitions

Walter Selke: Anisotropic three-dimensional Heisenberg antiferromagnets in a field

Des Johnston: Information geometry and phase transitions

Arwed Schiller:

Holger Perlt:

Mathias Aust: Balance during Wang-Landau recursion simulations

Sebastian Sturm:

Thomas Vogel: Ground-state properties of thick flexible polymers

Gunter Stober:

Hannes Nagel:

Sebastian Sch÷bl:

Steffen Trimper:

Martin Falk: