List of Participants

Luigi Delle Site: Adaptive simulation resolution: basic principles and applications

Adriaan Schakel: Fractal dimensions of loop gases on fluctuating lattices

Elmar Bittner: Replica-exchange cluster algorithm

Christoph Dehne:

Des Johnston: Lattice Paths and the PASEP

Joan Adler: Modelling of nanotubes and their Applications with atomistic simulations

Malte Henkel: Phase-ordering kinetics in disordered two-dimensional Ising models

Steffen Trimper:

Oliver Melchert: Percolation of negative-weighted loops on 2d lattices

Matej Praprotnik: Adaptive resolution simulation of liquid water

Alexander Hartmann: Solution-space structure of (some) optimization problems

Christoph Junghans: Controlling material properties using a thermostat

Semjon Stepanow: Skeleton expansions for directed polymers in disordered media

Frank Dressel: Accurate prediction of protein structures - how to find the exact ground state

Martin Hasenbusch: The critical behavior of 3D Ising glass models: universality and scaling corrections

Katarzyna Bucior: Phase separation of two-component systems in thin films

Thomas Neuhaus: TBA

Ferenc Igloi: Entanglement of quantum many-body systems

Andrei Fedorenko: Long-range correlated random field and random anisotropy O(N) models

Yevgeni Mamasakhlisov: Compactization of the RNA molecule in presence of secondary and tertiary interactions

Michael Schreiber: Anomalously localized electronic states in three-dimensional disordered samples

Arwed Schiller: The lattice gluon propagator in numerical stochastic perturbation theory

Holger Perlt: Perturbative determination of c_SW with Symanzik improved gauge action and stout smearing

Martin Bock: On the phase structure of 3D Abelian two-Higgs model on the lattice

Hsiao-Ping Hsu: Escape transition of grafted polymer chains from a cylindrical tube

Anders Irbäck:

Simon Mitternacht: Aggregation and mechanical unfolding of proteins

Christophe Chatelain:

Pedro Armando Ojeda May: Folding of proteins using Monte Carlo simulations

Lars Heinke:

Michael Bachmann: TBA

Peter Virnau: How to overcome free energy barriers in grandcanonical Monte Carlo simulations

Bertrand Berche:

Bengt Petersson: A precision simulation of SU(3) gauge theory in 2+1 dimensions and the continuum limit

Sigismund Kobe:

Walter Selke: The critical Binder cumulant -- revisited & Anisotropic Heisenberg antiferromagnets in two dimensions

Christian von Ferber: Polymer stars and DNA in correlated environments

Frank Beyer:

Mathias Aust:

Martin Falk:

Bartlomiej Waclaw: Multicanonical simulations of complex networks

Hildegard Meyer-Ortmanns:

Julien Sopik: The collapse dynamics of a classical Brownian self-gravitating system: analogy with the chemotactic aggregation and with the Bose-Einstein condensation

Ulrich Behn:

Lucas Wetzel:

Stefan Schnabel:

Zdzislaw Burda: Free zero-range process on networks

Philipp Altrock:

Monika Moeddel:

Holger Schmidtchen: Randomly evolving idiotypic networks: a mean-field approach

Eric Lorenz: Lattice-Boltzmann simulations of particle suspensions in a sheared flow

Olivier Collet: Thermodynamics of a protein model with warm and cold denaturations

Viktor Eisler: Entanglement evolution after connecting finite to infinite quantum chains

Dragi Karevski:

Jens Glaser:

Philipp Cain: Anomalously localized electronic states in three-dimensional disordered samples

Viktoriya Blavatska: Multifractal properties of self-avoiding walks on percolation clusters

Sandro Wenzel: On the phase structure of 3D Abelian one-Higgs model on the lattice

Thierry Platini: Work fluctuations in small quantum spin chains

Martin Weigel: Optimization through extra dimensions: the Ising spin glass

Jean-Charles Walter: Aging in fully-frustrated spin systems

Thomas Vogel: Freezing and collapse of flexible polymers

Venera Khoromskaia: Tensor decomposition in electronic structure calculations on 3D Cartesian grids

Meik Hellmund:

Rainer Bischof:

Andreas Nußbaumer: Evaporation/condensation of Ising droplets

Reinhold Haberlandt:

Lev N. Shchur: Critical amplitude ratios of 3-state and 4-state Potts model

Sebastian Sturm:

Christian Hubert:

Swati Bhattacharya: Adsorption of Multi-block and Random Copolymers on a Solid Surface

Horst Voertler:

Harald Markum: Computational results for instantons in non-commutative U(1) gauge theory on the lattice

Sebastian Schöbl:

Wolfhard Janke: