Wolfhard Janke:

Steffen Trimper:

Andrei Fedorenko: Stability of critical behavior of weakly disordered spin systems with respect to the replica symmetry breaking

Alexander Hartmann: Partition functions and distributions of connected components: the q-state Potts model

Frank Dressel: Exact ground state of model proteins

Peter Crompton: Finite-size scaling, Fisher zeroes and N=4 super Yang-Mills

Horst Ludger Voertler: Efficient simulation of chemical potentials: Gradual particle insertion versus 'monomer/dimer' insertion

Lev Shchur: Ensemble of Cat Maps is Hard to Decipher: Periodic Orbits and Random Number Generator

Knud Zabrocki: Reaction and Diffusion in Glasses

Marian Brandau: Delay effects in the SIR--model on small world networks

Des Johnston: Dyck paths, Motzkin paths and traffic jams

Ulrich Behn: Generation of spatiotemporal correlated noise in 1+1 dimensions

Hsiao-Ping Hsu: Simulations of Lattice Animals

Malte Henkel: Local scale-invariance in ageing phenomena

Christian von Ferber: Simulation of charged polymers: self-assembly of ionic surfactants with a polyelectrolyte

Peter Grassberger: MILCA (Mutual Information based Least dependent Component Analysis) is sweet

Adriaan Schakel: Fractal structure of critical and collapsing loops in 2D

Bernd Burghardt: Dependence of the RNA secondary structure on the energy model

Elmar Bittner:

Thomas Neuhaus: Loop Updates in 3D compact QED

Michael Bachmann:

Eric Lorenz:

Jakob Schluttig:

Goetz Kaehler:

Andreas Nußbaumer:

Sandro Wenzel:

Anna Kallias:

Stefan Schnabel:

Leszek Bogacz:

Thomas Vogel:

Zdzislaw Burda: Statistical mechanics of complex networks

Meik Hellmund: Series expansions for disordered Potts models

Michael Schreiber: A multi-parameter Ising model for the adsorption of molecules on structured surfaces

Ralph Kenna: Properties of higher-order phase transitions

Christophe Chatelain: On universality in aging ferromagnets

Johannes Berg:

Piotr Bialas:

Tyll Krueger:

Lothar Meyer:

Rodrigo Megaides:

Rainer Bischof: