The file papers.bib is a BibTex-library (database file).

I put it here for everyones use.

Comments are welcome, especially if you spot mistakes (beyond formatting).


Extensions and new entries, please, send me by email so I can include them.

Thereby extensions should follow the rules below. Formatting is not necessary (I use emacs for that).



Rules for identifying the bibtex items (marks):

a mark consist of : 4 letters and 2 digits - digits - digits (separated by a hyphen)

e.g., schw51-82-664

these are the first four letters from first authors family name, followed by 2 digits of year-digits for the volume number-digits for the page or article number

The above is Schwinger, volume 71, page 313

(note: the volume has no letter like in the above, which is Physical Review D82)


The entries in the file papers.bib are ordered alphabetically following the marks.


you have to enter into your .tex file in place of the bibliography command

 the lines


or, if the file papers.bib is NOT in your working directory


(edit according to your directory structure). Note, the filename must be entered without the extension .bib.

Running Latex usually included running bibtex automatically.