Universität Leipzig
Institut für Theoretische Physik
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Behn


Theoretical Physics in the Master Study Course (Modul 12-PHY-MWPT2)
and the IPSP Bachelor Course (Modul 12-PHY-BIPT2)
Summer Term 2015

Advanced Statistical Physics

The lecture course is intended for students in higher semesters which have previously attended an introductory course in statistical physics, especially for students in their second semester of the Master Study Course or in the 6th semester of the IPSP Bachelor Course.

Subject are advanced problems of equilibrium statistical physics and basics of the phenomenological and statistical description of non-equilibrium phenomena. Topics include:

Exercise Class:  Dr. Konrad Schiele

Achieved points in homework (final): BSc , MSc

Results of the exam on July 20, 2015: BSc , MSc

Results of the resit exam on October 09, 2015: pdf

      Grades BSc: 1 from 23 pts, 2 from 18 pts, 3 from 14 pts, 4 from 11 pts (of total 25 points)
      Grades MSc: 1 from 28 pts, 2 from 23 pts, 3 from 17 pts, 4 from 13 pts (of total 31 points)

     Who is interested to see the graded resit exam can contact Dr. Schiele

Conditions to obtain the credit points

Recommended literature:   Phase transitions,   Non-equilibrium

Links of interest:

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   World of Physics   Internet Encyklopedia by Eric Weisstein
   History of Mathematics    including   Mathematical Physics   MacTutor
   History of Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics   Hyperjeff Network
   Timeline of Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics, and Random Processes    Wikipedia
   Picture Gallery of Famous Physicists   Joachim Reinhardt, U Frankfurt/Main
   A Fluid Mechanics Hypercourse   James A. Fay and Nishikant Sonwalkar, MIT


   Statistische Physik   H. Horner, U Heidelberg (04)
   Statistische Mechanik   H. Römer, T. Filk, U Freiburg (94)
   Statistical Physics II   Xiao-Gang Wen, MIT (05)
   Statistical Mechanics   Jianshu Cao, MIT (08)
   Statistical Mechanics I   Mehran Kardar, MIT (07)
   Statistical Mechanics II    Mehran Kardar, MIT (08)
   Probability Theory: The Logic of Science   Fragments of a monograph by E. T. Jaynes (94)