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Preprints LU-ITP 2001/024 - LU-ITP 2001/017

LU-ITP 2001/024
Title:Spectral geometry for strings and branes
Authors:Dmitri V. Vassilevich

LU-ITP 2001/023
Title:One Loop Renormalization of Spontaneously Broken U(2) Gauge Theory on Noncommutative Spacetime
Authors:Yi Liao
Journal-Ref:JHEP 11(2001) 067

LU-ITP 2001/022
Title:Monopoles, confinement and deconfinement in lattice compact QEDin (2+1)D with external fields
Authors:M. N. Chernodub, E.-M. Ilgenfritz and A. Schiller
Journal-Ref:Nucl. Phys. B (Proc. Suppl.) 106 (2002) 703-705

LU-ITP 2001/021
Title:On Noncommutative and semi-Riemannian Geometry
Authors:Alexander Strohmaier
Journal-Ref:- none -

LU-ITP 2001/020
Title:Multiple reflection expansion and heat kernel coefficients
Authors:M. Bordag, D. Vassilevich, H. Falomir, E.M. Santangelo
Journal-Ref:Phys.Rev. D64 (2001) 045017

LU-ITP 2001/019
Title:Pair Production of Neutral Higgs Bosons through Noncommutative QED Interactions at Linear Colliders
Authors:Harald Grosse (ITP, Wien), Yi Liao (ITP, Leipzig)
Journal-Ref:Phys. Rev. D64, 115007 (2001)

LU-ITP 2001/018
Title:Anomalous C-violating Three Photon Decay of the Neutral Pion in Noncommutative Quantum Electrodynamics
Authors:Harald Grosse (ITP, Wien), Yi Liao (ITP, Leipzig)
Journal-Ref:Phys. Lett. B520 (2001) 63-68

LU-ITP 2001/017
Title:Photon-3-Pion And Pion-2-Photon Form Factors From Dynamical Constituent Quarks
Authors:Xiaoyuan Li (ITP, Beijing), Yi Liao (ITP, Leipzig and Tsinghua, Beijing)
Journal-Ref:Phys.Lett. B505 (2001) 119-124

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