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Preprints LU-ITP 2000/017 - LU-ITP 2000/010

LU-ITP 2000/017
Title:Quantum Real Projective Space, Disc and Sphere
Authors:Piotr M. Hajac, Rainer Matthes, Wojciech Szymanski
Journal-Ref:- none -

LU-ITP 2000/016
Title:Discrete Symmetries of Functional Determinants
Authors:D.V. Vassilevich, A. Zelnikov

LU-ITP 2000/015
Title:On Bures distance over standard form vN-algebras
Authors:Peter M. Alberti and Gregor Peltri
Journal-Ref:- none -

LU-ITP 2000/014
Title:Universal amplitude-exponent relation for the Ising model on sphere-like lattices
Authors:Martin Weigel and Wolfhard Janke
Journal-Ref:Europhys. Lett. 51 (2000) 578.

LU-ITP 2000/013
Title:Multi-Overlap Monte Carlo Studies of Spin Glasses
Authors:Wolfhard Janke, Bernd A. Berg (Tallahassee), and Alain Billoire (Saclay)
Journal-Ref:- none -
URL:- none -

LU-ITP 2000/012
Title:New constraints for non-Newtonian gravity in nanometer range from the improved precision measurement of the Casimir force
Authors:M. Bordag, B. Geyer, G. L. Klimchitskaya, V. M. Mostepanenko
Journal-Ref:Phys.Rev. D62 (2000) 011701

LU-ITP 2000/011
Title:Phase transition in scalar $\phi^4$-theory beyond the super daisy resummations
Authors:M. Bordag, V. Skalozub
Journal-Ref:- none -

LU-ITP 2000/010
Title:Simultaneous decomposition of two states
Authors:Armin Uhlmann
Journal-Ref:Rep. Math. Phys. 46, 319 - 324 (2000)

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