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Preprints LU-ITP 2000/008 - LU-ITP 2000/001

LU-ITP 2000/008
Title:Fidelity and Concurrence of conjugated states
Authors:Armin Uhlmann
Journal-Ref:Phys. Rev. A, 62, 032307 (2000)

LU-ITP 2000/007
Title:Renormalizability of the open string sigma model and emergence of D-branes
Authors:W. Kummer, D. V. Vassilevich
Journal-Ref:JHEP 07 (2000) 012

LU-ITP 2000/006
Title:The virtual black hole in 2d quantum gravity
Authors:D. Grumiller, W. Kummer, D. V. Vassilevich
Journal-Ref:Nucl. Phys. B 580 (2000) 438-456

LU-ITP 2000/005
Title:Classification of Gauge Orbit Types for SU(n)-Gauge Theories
Authors:G. Rudolph, M. Schmidt, I.P. Volobuev
Journal-Ref:- none -

LU-ITP 2000/004
Title:Exploring Overlap Barriers in Spin Glasses with Monte Carlo Simulations
Authors:Wolfhard Janke, Bernd A. Berg (Tallahassee), and Alain Billoire (Saclay)
Journal-Ref:- none -
URL:- none -

LU-ITP 2000/003
Title:Electroweak radiative corrections to e+ e- -> WW -> 4 fermions in double-pole approximation -- The RacoonWW approach
Authors:A. Denner, S. Dittmaier, M. Roth, D. Wackeroth
Journal-Ref:Nucl. Phys. B587 (2000) 67

LU-ITP 2000/002
Title:Renormalisation and off-shell improvement in lattice perturbation theory
Authors:S. Capitani, M. Gockeler, R. Horsley, H. Perlt, P.E.L. Rakow, G. Schierholz, A. Schiller
Journal-Ref:Nucl. Phys. B 593 (2001) 183

LU-ITP 2000/001
Title:High-precision Monte Carlo study of universal correlation lengths scaling in three-dimensional O($n$) spin models
Authors:Martin Weigel, Wolfhard Janke
Journal-Ref:Phys. Rev. B62 (2000) 6343

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