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Preprints LU-ITP 2006/006 - LU-ITP 2005/026

LU-ITP 2006/006
Title:Geometric and Stochastic Clusters of Gravitating Potts Models
Authors:W. Janke and M. Weigel
Journal-Ref:- none -

LU-ITP 2006/005
Title:Renormalisation of Composite Operators in Lattice Perturbation Theory with Clover Fermion: Non-forward Matrix Elements
Authors:M. Goeckeler, R. Horsley, H. Perlt, P.E.L Rakow, A. Schaefer, G. Schierholz, A. Schiller
Journal-Ref:Eur. Phys. J. C 48 (2006) 523

LU-ITP 2006/004
Title:Ramifications of Lineland
Authors:D. Grumiller and R. Meyer
Journal-Ref:- none -

LU-ITP 2006/003
Title:Stability of a Noncommutative Jackiw-Teitelboim Gravity
Authors:D. V. Vassilevich, R. Fresneda, D. M. Gitman
Journal-Ref:Eur.Phys.J.C47 (2006) 235-240.

LU-ITP 2006/002
Title:Significant reduction of galactic dark matter by general relativity
Authors:H. Balasin and D. Grumiller
Journal-Ref:- none -

LU-ITP 2006/001
Title:Gauge-variant propagators and the running coupling from lattice QCD
Authors:E.-M. Ilgenfritz, M. Mueller-Preussker, A. Sternbeck, A. Schiller
Journal-Ref:in ``Sense of Beauty in Physics'', ed. by M. D'Elia et al., Pisa University Press (2006) 359

LU-ITP 2005/027
Title:Constraints in two-dimensional Dilaton Gravity with Fermions
Authors:Rene Meyer
Journal-Ref:- none -

LU-ITP 2005/026
Title:Physics-to-gauge conversion at black hole horizons
Authors:L. Bergamin, D. Grumiller, W. Kummer and D.V. Vassilevich
Journal-Ref: Class.Quant.Grav.23 (2006) 3075-3101

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