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Preprints LU-ITP 1999/015 - LU-ITP 1999/008

LU-ITP 1999/015
Title:Vortex profiles and vortex interactions at the electroweak crossover
Authors:M.N. Chernodub, E.--M. Ilgenfritz and A. Schiller

LU-ITP 1999/014
Title:On-off Intermittency in Stochastically Driven Electrohydrodynamic Convection in Nematics
Authors:Thomas John, Ralf Stannarius, Ulrich Behn
Journal-Ref:Phys. Rev. Lett. 83, 749-752 (1999).

LU-ITP 1999/013
Title:Ising and Potts Models on Quenched Random Gravity Graphs
Authors:Wolfhard Janke and Desmond A. Johnston (Edinburgh)
Journal-Ref:Nucl. Phys. B578[FS] (2000) 681-698

LU-ITP 1999/012
Title:Universal amplitude ratios in finite-size scaling: three-dimensional Ising model
Authors:M. Weigel and W. Janke
Journal-Ref:Nucl. Phys. B (Proc. Suppl.) 83-84 (2000) 721
URL:- none -

LU-ITP 1999/011
Title:On Bures-Distance and *-Algebraic Transition Probability between Inner Derived Positive Linear Forms
Authors:Peter M. Alberti and Armin Uhlmann
Journal-Ref:Acta Applicandae Mathematicae 60:1-37,2000

LU-ITP 1999/010
Title:Connes' trace formula and Dirac realization of Maxwell and Yang-Mills action
Authors:Peter M. Alberti and Rainer Matthes
Journal-Ref:ZHS-NTZ Preprint 12/1999 (in:`The Standard Model ... from a Mathematical-Geometric Viewpoint', 1999)

LU-ITP 1999/009
Title:Orbits and phase transitions in the multifractal spectrum
Authors:Thomas Nowotny, Heiko Patzlaff, Ulrich Behn (Institut fur Theoretische Physik, Universitat Leipzig)
Journal-Ref:- none -

LU-ITP 1999/008
Title:The Wrong Kind of Gravity
Authors:Wolfhard Janke and Desmond A. Johnston (Edinburgh)
Journal-Ref:Phys. Lett. B460 (1999) 271-275

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