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ITP – Institut für Theoretische Physik
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PD Dr. M. Bordag Theoretische Physik IV (Gymnasium/Mittelschule)
Prof. Dr. S. Hollands Statistical Physics
Prof. Dr. W. Janke Introduction to Computer Simulation I
Prof. Dr. W. Janke Computational Physics II
Prof. Dr. K. Kroy Soft Matter Theory - Statistische Physik (Vorlesung)
Prof. Dr. K. Kroy Soft Matter Theory - TKM Hauptseminar “Interdisciplinary Statistical Mechanics” (engl./dt.)
Prof. Dr. B. Rosenow Mathematical Methods I
PD Dr. A. Schiller Classical Mechanics 2 and Electrodynamics 2 (BSc IPSP TP3) (International Physics Studies Program)
Prof. Dr. R. Verch TP2 - Quantenmechanik (Sommersemester 2017)
Prof. Dr. R. Verch TP1 - Theoretische Mechanik
Prof. Dr. R. Verch Relativistic Quantum Field Theory
Dr. J. Zahn Theoretische Physik (Lehramt)